3 Essential Functions of PDFBear

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Living in the digital era means that you have to be knowledgeable and skillful in various aspects. Versatility is essential to survive the fast-paced and fast-changing society demands of the modern age. One day, you are the most important employee of a particular company. The day after, they no longer need you and terminate you whenever they feel like it. 

Adaptability is a crucial factor in continuing to provide food on the table. It is most recommendable that you start learning more about technology: computers, smartphones, and electronic files. The portable document format is well-known for its compact design and is believed to last until the next century. How do we maximize these file types?

Shrinking Your File Size: PDF Compress

PDFs are designed to be more compact than other files and less modifiable; it is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. One of the most common problems nowadays is that we find ourselves bumping into a wall in uploading large files through webmails. Whether you are using Gmail or YahooMail, there are always limitations in uploading and sending files. 

Although files in the portable document format are smaller than others, there are still moments wherein PDFs can become oversized for email uploading. Cases where there are too many pages and high-resolution graphic objects in the PDF could lead to these problems. In the corporate world, you do not have all the liberty to manage these problems all at once. 

What you need is an efficient tool that can compress PDF file online. PDFBear is a free online tool that could correctly manage all your PDF concerns. In this case, you can use PDFBear to shrink your large PDFs to smaller sizes without fully compromising its original quality. Follow these steps to compress your PDF: 

  • Search for your PDF and drag it to the PDFBear compress tool.
  • Once uploaded, you can choose which type of compressing you would like to do, depending on your needs.
  • PDFBear will analyze and compress your PDF accordingly.
  • Download the newly compress PDF file.

Separating Your Pages: PDF Split

Although PDF compress is the most convenient way to shrink your file size, you can also use the PDF split function to reduce file size. This function allows you to select pages from your base document and separate them into different locations. The purposes may vary depending on what you need; you can also use this function to manage your PDF pages efficiently: 

  • Search for your PDF file and drag it to PDFBear’s split tool.
  • Once uploaded, you can select which pages you would like to separate from the base document. 
  • Click and refine the selected pages, then download them on separate file locations. 

Converting Your PDFs: PDF Converter

Considering that PDFs are challenging to edit with their raw format, converting them to other file formats makes it more available and accessible for editing. PDFbear has the best PDF converter tool to convert your files to the portable document format or vice versa. With its sophisticated and modern tools, you can convert your files and maintain their high-quality:

  • Depending on what file type you need, you can choose whether to convert your PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or JPG. 
  • Search for your PDF file and drag it to PDFbear’s converter tool. 
  • PDFBear will analyze and convert your file to the designated file format. 
  • Download your newly converted file. 

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